Having a sharp eye is often the line that separates amateur photographers from professionals. The unique perspective of Reinaldo Smoleanschi is connected to an agile mind that immediately sees the possibilities that the light offers in the relationship between object and space from several angles. Shadows, silhouettes, focus and perspective create new ways of looking at the overexposed everyday life.  As he says, “photographing a Philippe Starck piece is relatively easy; difficult is to make a bolt look interesting in a  magazine specialized in bolts.
“Blending technology and art to emphasize the qualities of the image, Reinaldo does not rest until he is able to transpose his mental production to the camera and, thus, ends up generating an intrinsic narrative to the image. His images take us to the world he created and we want to know more about the characters, while we feel able to create our own story about them. Landscapes and objects follow the same line and seem to show stories that wish to be revealed. 
Reinaldo has officially considered photographer since 1988 when he entered the Neri Bloomfield School of Design in Haifa, Israel. Whether visiting exhibitions or simply analyzing the job market, he is able to spend a good deal of time talking about photography.  He knows the happiness of living his own art, for he travels through photography, meets interesting people, goes backstage to great productions, gives lessons and, even in less comfortable situations, finds “new and unknown elements that make the work more exciting. “

Filipe Chagas – Designer